Livestock Grazing is Sage Grouse Conservation that Works! It is Sound Science and Common Sense Our hearts are broken. If only the federal agencies had listened. The Martin Fire wiped out 100% of our BLM permit over 6200 acres of our private land and burned hundreds of thousands of acres in Northern Nevada. Today, ZERO sage grouse remain on what was prime sage grouse habitat.
Livestock Grazing is Sage Grouse Conservation that Works!It is Sound Science and Common Sense Our hearts are broken. If only the federal agencies had listened.The Martin Fire wiped out 100% of our BLM permit over 6200 acres of our private land and burned hundreds of thousands of acres in Northern Nevada.  Today, ZERO sage grouse remain on what was primesage grouse habitat.  

Resources and Articles of Interest

US Representative Mark Amodei


Congressman Mark Amodei is prehaps the best educated member of congress on the Sage Grouse issue. He has compiled the Congress' best information and science on the issue through the work of dedicated staff and numerous public hearings.


Nevada Cattlemens Association

2015 President, Ron Torrell


The Nevada Cattlemen's Association is a leading advocate for the family ranchers of Nevada. It supports the industry with outstanding leadership, education and outreach efforts.


University of Nevada - Agricultural Extension

Brad Schultz, Winnemucca Field Office


Brad Schultz is a leading plant and range scientist headquartered in Winnemucca, Nevada. He has extensive understanding of range conditions and range health throughout the Great Basin. He has reviewed and approved the plant science presented on this website for accuacy.


Nevada Agriculture Education

FFA State Officers

2015/16 President, Blake Duncan


FFA State President Blake Duncan has a solid base of both academic and practical knowledge of the sage grouse issue. He has studied the issue and has worked on both ranch and rangeland projects within its critical habitat. He has reviewed the information presented in the website for accuracy and impact.


Demar Dahl

Elko County Rancher and Elko County Commissioner


Mr. Dahl is one of the most articulate advocates in our industry for grazing, land use and private property rights. He and his family ranch in Deeth, Nevada - in Elko County.


Stewart's Ninety-Six Ranch


My family ranch has been owned and operated by our family for five generations and over 150 years in Paradise Valley, Nevada. Our use of the rangeland surrounding our privately owned property predates the USFS and BLM by many decades. Our responsible use of these resources has enabled our ranch and family to thrive in a tough high-desert environment. Our ranch has won many conservation and range management awards, and has been the subject of both  Smithsonian Institution and Library of Congress projects.


Buckaroos in Paradise

Agriculture advocacy from the owner of Lucas oil





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Livestock Grazing is Sage Grouse Conservation that Works!